Tanker truck goes off road

Diesel truck in field - 20

Wainfleet Fire and Emergency Services responded to a transport truck in a field at Townline and Forks Rd. in Wainfleet Wednesday, Feb. 10.

It was reported to 911 the truck was smoking and carrying a flammable substance.

When firefighters arrived on scene, it was determined the smoke was steam coming from the truck’s engine, and there was no spill or leak from the tanker being hauled. The truck fully-loaded with approximately 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

Welland Fire and Emergency Services also responded since the incident was close to the border of the two municipalities.

The truck, from ARG Trucking Group based in New York, was heading eastbound on Fork and went off a curve in the road. It traveled more than 70 metres into a field.

Another tanker truck was brought to the scene to offload the fuel and to allow tow two trucks, from Metro Towing, to remove it from the field.

It took nearly an hour to remove the diesel fuel and another hour to get the truck back on the road.

The incident was also filmed by a production company reported to be from Discovery Channel’s Highway Thru Hell reality show.

There were no injuries and no word on the cause of the incident or if any charges were laid against the truck driver.

Here’s a video, and below it, you’ll find an album of photos

Diesel truck in field - Wainfleet


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