School bus hit in snow squall

School bus crash - 3

A four vehicle crash took place on Reg. Rd. 27 in Wainfleet Friday, Feb. 12 during a snow squall.

Wainfleet Fire and Emergency Services volunteer firefighters were on scene of the crash, which saw a car hit the rear end of a school bus.

There were three children on the bus at the time, according to a source, and none suffered any injuries.

The car that hit the bus had its hood crumpled right up to the windshield.

Two other vehicles were involved in the incident, with one going off into a ditch on the south side of the road. It was reported that none of the crash victims suffered any injuries.

The three children on the bus were transferred to another bus which arrived on scene.

Niagara EMS paramedics were on scene, with an advanced care paramedic based in a Wainfleet fire hall also attending.

Here’s an album of photos
School bus crash - Wainfleet


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