Shooting food

more cheese

I recently took part in a food photography workshop hosted by Niagara Culinary Tours at Stratus Vineyards. It was a great workshop and I learned a number of ways to improve my food photography.

The workshop was run by flood blogger Jen Chan of Food Pr0n

Chan spoke about lighting, setting up a shot, tips and tricks of food photography and apps to use for photo editing.

Chef Jason Dobbie, of Oban Inn and Spa, and Chef Catherine O’Donnell, of Willow Cakes and Pastries, had plates of food and cakes for photographers to take photos and practice what Chan was talking about.

Once we were done taking photos, we tucked in the food and cakes, accompanied by wine from Stratus.

You can find Chan on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Click on the photo below to see an album of some of my shots from that day
Food Photography Workshop

Here’s another album of some other food photos of mine


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